Play Bubble Struggle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play the role of a pink demon that wears a trench coat and shoots bouncing bubbles? Me neither. However, you get to do that when you play Bubble Struggle. As one of the most unique puzzle-meets-physics bubble games, perhaps the only, Bubble Struggle is nothing like any game you have played before. It does not play on deep storylines, amazing graphics or even fascinating game play at all. This game plays on your intellect and shooting skills. The character, and even the environment, is just for amusement.




In order to play Bubble Struggle, you will have to develop aiming as well as timing skills. This game relies heavily on you being able to anticipate the movement of the balls that are bouncing up and down. Shooting them once will only make them replicate into smaller balls that you have to take out as well! In addition, making contact with any of the balls will throw you against the wall and lose a life. As simple as this game may seem, the game play is quite challenging and will put to shame even the most seasoned of gamers. Good luck and have fun!