Play Bubble Struggle 3

In this third instalment of the Bubble Struggle series, the pink devil is back to wreak more havoc and bust more bubbles in the process. You can play Bubble Struggle 3 like you’ve played its predecessors too, which is online. The game is for free and will always remain to be that way. So now, in the third part, what has changed about this game and why you should you even play it in the first place? The answer is fairly obvious. Of course, Bubble Struggle provides tons of fun and excitement!




If you have never played any of the series, there are bubbles bouncing up and down on the screen and your character will have to avoid getting hit. At the same time, you will need to fire your gun at them in order to take them out. In Bubble Struggle 3, the game play remains the same but the graphics have been improved for the better. The motion is more fluid and the resolution is much smoother, giving those that are particularly finicky about the quality of the games they play the kick they need to show some interest in this game! Play Bubble Struggle 3 now and experience the bubble-bursting action!  If you are looking for Bubble Shooter 3 , you can play it here .


Have fun!