Play Bubble Struggle 2

If you played Bubble Struggle recently, then you will be delighted to know that a sequel is also available for you to enjoy. You can play Bubble Struggle 2 online similar to its predecessor. The game is for free and can be found on websites that host it along with other puzzle games that are Flash-supported. In the event that you have not had the opportunity to play any Bubble Struggle games, then you are surely in for a good surprise. Think of this game as a cross between a puzzle-meets-physics and a shooter title, rolled into one neat package. Does it sound confusing? Let us elaborate a tad more.




If you want to play a shooting game and yet want to have your brain tickled, Bubble Struggle 2 is the exact adventure you need to embark on. You are back as the pink devil whose sole purpose in life (well, the game) is to destroy the bubbles. There is not much to the story other than you needing to shoot all the bubbles. The game will start off easy enough, but once you move further, the bubbles will literally hit the fan! You will need all your reflexes and aiming skills as well as be able to anticipate where the balls will go next!

Have fun!