Bubble Struggle 3

The third instalment of the popular series, Bubble Struggle 3 is the most recent release. Still played as online game that is made available through Flash, this latest Bubble Struggle can be found in multiple websites that host it and even give you the opportunity to download the title in some of them. If you have played the previous games, you may be wondering what has changed with this one or rather what has remained the same. Well you are in for quite a small treat. Though the main components remain the same, the aesthetics have changed a bit and some of the choices have also improved.

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Bubble Struggle 3 still has the same objective that the previous Bubble Struggle games had. Your mission as the pink devil character is to destroy all the bubbles in sight by shooting them with your gun. Of course, this will not be easy at all. You would be even considered lucky if you got to the 20th level without any problems along the way. So how has the game play changed with Bubble Struggle 3 as compared to its predecessor? Not much at all. You still get to move in a side scrolling action and still shoot your gun upwards in an attempt to break the big balls into smaller pieces. What has changed however is the look of the game although the feel is still pretty much the same.

In this version, the character you play as is more animated than the previous titles. Now, you can see him run facing sideways when you control his movements and the backgrounds are now more colourful in a sense. Although the graphics are very basic, it is a definite improvement when compared to the previous ones. The game play and the options for playing have also improved in some manner. For instance, in single player mode, you can choose to play between timed or untimed options. Of course, the untimed option is a mode where you can relax and take as long as you want to shoot the bubbles and complete the level.

Bubble Struggle 3

One option that Bubble Struggle 3 is lacking is the survival mode, which can be found in the previous instalment of the game and not the very first one. However, that is a minor setback that will not affect your level of enjoyment with this game. In addition, another improvement is the accuracy bonus. You will be able to get bonuses for your accuracy in each level which will add to the total score you will get at the end of the stage. The highest bonus is +1000 points which can be achieved with 100% shooting accuracy.

Finally, although you may not be able to download this game for some reason, you can always play it whenever you go online. That is the true beauty of playing online games. Regardless of where you are as long as there is an Internet connection and a computer, you can play Bubble Struggle 3.