Bubble Struggle

If you seem to be confused with the title of the game, it is because Bubble Struggle sometimes goes by another title called Bubble Trouble. Not to be confused with another classic Atari game of the same title, Bubble Struggle is a free online game that is playable through Flash-powered devices. In short, you can play the game using your computer. The game comes with the elements of a classic arcade shooter, one you might be familiar with in the games of good ole Nintendo. Bubble Struggle is simple to play and yet it becomes harder and harder as you complete more levels.

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Being unfamiliar to the game, you may have not yet started playing this title even though it is free of charge. The objective of the game is quite simple: you play as the main character (who somehow is coloured pink) who needs to shoot all the bubbles that appear on the screen and avoid being hit by any of them regardless of size. Yes, you read that right. Regardless of size, if a small fragment of the ball you shoot hits you, a life will be lost. This happens when you shoot a large ball which will then break up into smaller balls that scatter throughout the screen. You will have to use your timing and dodging skills to avoid the balls as well as shoot them to get the bonuses and complete the level.

You can play the game as a single player or engage in dual action in two player mode with a buddy of yours, which is possible by splitting the keyboard for controls. As for using the controls, the game comes standard as you will need to use the arrow keys for movement and space bar for shooting. It is pretty much easy to get the hang of the controls whether you have played the game or not since the movements are very basic. The graphics of the game are rather simplistic, but then again you cannot expect anything much from a game of a similar nature.

Don’t be turned off by how simple the game is if you are looking for something that is a feast for the eyes but rather, think of Bubble Struggle as a challenge for you shooting skills instead. Remember, the game gets harder and harder as you progress and by the time you get to the 22nd level, you won’t have a prayer in succeeding unless you have become very skilled. This of course, takes some time with a lot of practice which cannot be done by just a single gaming session alone.

Of course, what would a shooting game be if you did not get bonuses or power-ups? By shooting the balls, you will be able to get various power-ups and even new stronger weapons in the further stages of the game. A game that involves timing, anticipation as well as accuracy, Bubble Struggle is one title that you will not be able to forget once you start playing it.